• Proven methods and experience
  • Specialized technicians
  • Advanced tools
  • Turn key service including commissioning
  • Accurate assemble and re-connection, improved alignment
  • Improve safety

Dismantle and reassemble

Long track record of relocations in flexible packaging industry

Careful execution

Technician’s experience on similar machines helps proper installation

Advanced tools such as 3D laser trackers can support alignments on certain machines

Start up and commissioning

Start up and commissioning of a machine requires electronic and mechanical engineer with extensive experience on that specific machine and manufacturer. We can offer such services on most flexible packaging machine from several manufacturers

Sea proof packing

Crates with vacuum bags or VCI packing, Skids and wooden structures with VCI packing, Vacuum packing for control cabinets

Use of 3D laser tracker

  • From a fixed point this laser tracker is measuring two angles and a distance to the measurement points.
  • These values are converted to XYZ coordinates, showing alignment tolerances and a precise 3-D map of target parts/rollers
  • Laser tracker has an accuracy of measurements of 0,015 mm + 0,006 mm/meter and 0,07 arcseconds for the level
  • Improved measurement tolerance and ease supports improved alignments