Specialized in flexible packaging


Since 2015 we have moved over 270 flexible packaging machines.

We can offer dismantle, reassemble, start up and commissioning for flexible packaging machines. We can also offer packing and transport along with turn-key projects

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Upgrade machine to your needs!

We can offer wide range of renovation services, both to controls and to mechanical parts. We can upgrade PLC, HMI and drives or deliver, install and commission a complete new control cabinets. Mechanical renovations are studied together with customers to tailor them on customer’s demands. They may focus only on fewer critical worn off parts or widen to complete machine’s rebuilding.

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Your needs may change, we can have machine changing with them.

With retrofits we modify an existing machine to better match customer’s requirements. These start from small interventions (like changing heat source for drying of a printing machine) until complete machine re- configuration to suit a different purpose or application.

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New machines

We can offer new:

  • Hot melt wax coaters
  • In or off line in register rotary die cutters
  • Custom designed machine, designed and built to fit specific requirements or special purposes
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