Renovations to controls

Strong experience in upgrades

  • Gravure printing
  • Flexo printing
  • Blown film lines
  • Cast film and calanders
  • Coaters and laminators
  • Slitters and sheeters

Reduce risk while keeping investment limited

Supervision upgrades

With this intervention we will install in machine a new PLC and HMI and develop relevant software. This will help assure availability of most difficult spare parts and improve automation. These interventions typically require a longer donwtime for installation and commissioning.

Get the best out of your machine

Complete New control cabinets

With this intervention we will install a complete new control cabinet. As optional we can retrofit new motors. This will assure availability and warranty on all control parts. It will improve automation and machine’s ease of use. Machines performances, power consumption and accuracy are also positively affected. Ilt allows also savings in expected future maintenance.

Control renovations offered

  • Complete new control cabinets
  • PLC + HMI + Drives
  • PLC + HMI
  • Serviceon site and remoteon every installation


  • Siemens S7 1500
  • Simotion: for electronic shaft
  • Drives: Sinamics
  • Panels: several options with Siemens Profinet communication


  • PLC Contrologic
  • Drives powerflex

Eurotherm – Parker

  • Drives: 890 series


  • Remote assistance

Complete mechanical renovation

These are deep and comprehensive interventions to bring back machine in conditions equal to when it was first installed.

Machines are stripped down of all its parts, Bearing and joints are checked and when required changed, cooling and process rollers are re-treated on surface.

Cooling rollers are checked and when needed changed. Motors, sensors, encoders, load cells may also be replaced with new ones along with control cabinet.

Machine may also repainted. In case of extruders screws may be changed and barrels renovated.